Alliance Mission

The Business Ethics Alliance educates good employees to make their organizations even better and elevate their city to its best. All with practical business ethics.

Alliance Values

Collegiality: We share business ethics ideas and best practices freely and professionally, interacting with respect and confidentiality.

Community: We encourage businesses to be good corporate citizens.

Practicality: We advance effective ethical solutions based on solid business thinking and experience.

Integrity: We are trustworthy and honest.

Inclusivity: We encourage and welcome organizations of all sizes and types that demonstrate commitment to our mission, vision, and values.

Alliance Vision

We teach business ethics and prove the right things work to profit careers, organizations, cities, and the academic discipline, to one day ignite the Alliance and Greater Omaha as the beacon of business ethics.

Mission, values, and vision statements are strategic drivers for every organization and they are the foundation for an organization’s ethics program. Yet, while many organizations have written mission and vision statements, fewer have values statements. A values statement is a window to what your organization stands for and it drives everyday operations.

Does your company have a vision and mission statement? Have you identified your corporate values?

The Business Ethics Alliance can help.