Young Professionals Speed Ethics

Young professionals play a vital role in shaping the ethical climate at your company and in the broader community. Our YP Speed Ethics networking event presents a forum for young leaders to refine their values and converse with seasoned executives about business ethics. We give  them opportunities to learn from and offer insight to their mentors, business leaders, and peers.

The fast-paced event allows these young leaders to meet new executives and it lends an opportunity for both groups to learn about the other’s viewpoints and experiences around business ethics.

 What attendees had to say last year…

“I resolved to be more vocal about ethics in groups where I am a participant.”

“These events are great reminders to keep ethics at the forefront of our business.”

“I am definitely more conscious of the role ethics play in day-to-day operations.”

 2014 YP Speed Ethics Photos

PHOTO RELEASE: Please be aware that the Business Ethics Alliance may choose to take photographs and/or videos at this event and attendees will appear in them. By submitting a registration for yourself or someone else, or by attending this event, you grant permission for The Alliance to store the images in a database and to use the images in future print, electronic, or other visual media. If you do not wish to grant permission, please contact us prior to attending the event.