Elevate Ethics Academy Workshops

The Elevate Ethics Academy typically is delivered in a sequence of four, 90 minute, interactive workshops. With 25 employees in each session, participants will walk away with practical, positive tools that they can immediately implement in their professional lives. Elevate Ethics Academy can be facilitated by Alliance staff or be delivered through our train-the-trainer model.

Each workshop is comprised of an interactive presentation complete with a participant workbook and follow up materials to support continued learning. After each session, post-surveys are administered to measure knowledge and skills retention and application, anticipated behavioral changes, and usefulness of training.

Ethical Leadership

Learning how to influence others with ethics.

  • Learn what it means to be an ethical leader
  • Participate in an ethical leadership self-assessment
  • Understand the ethical traits of a person
  • Practice ethical leader Know-Hows

Ethical Decision Making

Empowering the best ethical decision when faced with an ethical dilemma.

  • Understand moral dilemmas
  • Learn a moral decision making process
  • Practice decision making by using real life ethical situations

Busting Blindspots

Why good people sometimes fail to do the right thing.

  • Understand why good people do bad things
  • Learn about psychological BlindSpots
  • Identify BlindSpots in real life ethics scenarios
  • Learn a process to bust those BlindSpots

Ethical First Advisors

Build confidence when addressing employee concerns about misconduct.

  • Practice moral praise and admonishment
  • Practice how to communicate respectfully and responsibly in workplace conflicts
  • Practice communication tools through roleplaying

Generational Ethics at Work

Managing value differences between the generations.

  • Discuss the similarities and differences between three generations in the workplace (Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials) and their ethical values
  • Explore how these similarities and differences play out in the workplace and what challenges arise because of this
  • Learn coaching and policy strategies to help manage generational differences in the workplace

Moral Imagination

Encouraging innovative solutions when faced with an ethical dilemma.

  • Understand how imagination fuels strong ethical decision making
  • Practice ways to encourage creative and innovative solutions when faced with an ethical dilemma
  • Explain different ways to foster a work environment for creative decision making, focusing on policies, processes, and activities

The Birth of a BlindSpot

Understand how policies encourage or discourage ethical behavior.

  • Understand five BlindSpots
  • Practice identifying BlindSpots in real life workplace situations
  • Explore policies and systems within the workplace that can cause people to have BlindSpots—thus sometimes encouraging unethical behavior

Ethical First Responders

Build confidence when speaking up during impromptu conversations.

  • Understand what it means to be an Ethics First Responder during everyday, impromptu workplace conversations
  • Learn the skills needed to respond during these “in the moment” interactions
  • Practice being Ethics First Responders

Ethical Lens Inventory

Identify your moral compass and how to effectively use it with your team.

  • Understand the four moral lenses
  • Complete a moral lens self-assessment
  • Learn how to work in teams with people that have moral lenses different from yours