2014 Past Signature Programs

january mind candy DIALOGUE

Business Ethics in Sports
Participants learned how we must balance responsibilities between companies, bosses, colleagues, and clients. The business of sports is no different – there is a responsibility to the organization, the coach, the teammates, and the fans. Panelists included Othello Meadows, Executive Director of Seventy Five North Revitalization Inc. and former East Carolina University basketball player, Kyle Peterson, President and CEO (Nebraska) Colliers International and ESPN baseball analyst, Lisa Roskens, Chair and CEO of Burlington Capital Group and former Stanford University equestrian team member and coach.

2014 Lunch Spring (1).jpg

MARCH networking luncheon

Working with Stories: A Powerful Ethics Education Tool
Professional storyteller Rita Paskowitz taught the audience the value of learning to be a great storyteller. Attendees learned that weaving business ethics into stories at work is an easy way to educate and engage ethics in their culture.



The Ethics of Transformative Leadership
Social ethicist and author Dr. Cleve Stevens, Founder and President, Owl Sight Intentions, advocated for transformative leadership as a form of community responsibility. 

2014 EOT (1).jpg

april ethics on trial

Medical Ethics
Once again the Scottish Rite of Omaha and the Business Ethics Alliance collaborated to produce Ethics On Trial. This year’s “Your body. Your choice. Think again!” medical themed drama embodied respect for the individual vs. the good of the society. The stage was set by learning that an organ donor refused to follow through on his donation and the intended recipient -his cousin- died. At the mock trial on April 22, the plaintiff, defendant, judge, and 130+ audience jury determined the fate of Medical Ethics to be not guilty. The debate was intellectually stimulating, and most definitely a real ethical dilemma.

2014 Spring Dialogue (1).jpg

may mind candy dialogue

The Ethics of Marketing Communications
Sad visuals, weasel words, and the art of spin are all facets of the marketing communications story telling machine. Participants learned about how business ethics show us where to draw the line between informing/persuading and deceiving/misleading. Panelists included Ariel Roblin, President and General Manager of KETV and Sharon Carleton, President and CEO of Ervin and Smith Advertising.

2014 Summer Lunch (1).jpg


Stories as a Strategic Business Tool: Learn to Create an Effective Ethics Anecdote
Attendees learned the benefits of telling ethical anecdotes and how to adapt the skill of storytelling into ethics education at work.


september executive breakfast

Your Company is Not Immune
Deborah Gilg, J.D., United States Attorney for the District of Nebraska talked with Beverly Kracher, Ph.D., about the seven parts of the federal sentencing guidelines and how best to incorporate them into your organization. 




The Penn State Story
Regis Becker, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, was hired by Penn State to develop its first comprehensive program of institutional ethics following the scandal that in 2011 rocked the Penn State community. As Beverly Kracher, Ph.D., interviewed Mr. Becker, participants learned about his efforts to establish a new integrated ethics and compliance model and to take a deeper look into Penn State’s shared values and culture.



Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar
At the 2014 annual meeting, Doug Oberhelman talked about ethical dilemmas facing the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining machinery. He said, "I think about WorldCom and Enron and the fact that a complete ethical breakdown in those companies destroyed them," he said. "If the CEO and a leader of an organization is a good one, the company will follow. The same goes for a bad one."



Ethics and Economics
The Alliance was honored to have Esther George, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, speak to hundreds of attendees at one of our largest events to date. Ernie Goss, Ph.D. and Beverly Kracher, Ph.D., served as moderators for the event in which they discussed the ethics of banking and specifically the sustainability of community banks in today’s economy.