2015 Past Signature Programs

March Executive Breakfast

The Ethical Advantage
Royanne Doi, Corporate Chief Ethics Officer at Prudential Financial, shared data about how employees put forth 12% more effort when working for an ethical company and explained that customers are 80% more likely to buy from companies they trust. Royanne showed that good ethics is good business.

March Networking Luncheon

MArch NEtworking Luncheon

Giving Voice to Values
Royanne Doi, Corporate Chief Ethics Officer at Prudential Financial, taught attendees how to effectively approach ethical situations they encounter in the workplace and at home through small group discussions and the Giving Voice to Values educational series.


April Mind Candy Dialogue

Ethics of Humor in the Workplace
Steve Bruckner, Fraser Stryker Trustee, kicked off the Ethics of Humor in the Workplace Spring Dialogue with a lively story that sparked great discussion. Panelists gave some anecdotes about humor in their workplaces, and the crowd shared some of their own. Facilitated by Beverly Kracher, Ph.D., attendees walked away with tools to curb inappropriate workplace humor and tips on how to use humor to build a strong, ethical culture.

EOT (1).jpg

April Ethics on Trial

Journalistic Ethics
The Alliance proudly partnered with the Scottish Rite to produce the third annual Ethics on Trial. This year, “Matt Drudge,” author of The Drudge Report, was put on the stand to defend citizen journalism. After the trial, KETV Trustee Ariel Roblin facilitated a discussion on the ethics of journalism. The audience voted that Mr. Drudge was not a true journalist. He did not adhere to the ethical standards of accuracy and the right to control information,  and therefore was not entitled to the protection of the Shield Law.

Smr Lunch (1).jpg

june networking luncheon

Ethical Blindspots
Hosted by MECA at the TD Ameritrade Stadium Club, Alliance educators taught ethical blindspots through case studies and group exercises. One attendee said, “I appreciate the opportunity for small group discussion on realistic ethics scenarios that anyone could have encountered during their career.”

Smr Lunch (1).jpg

September networking luncheon

Three Stories of Capitalism
Jon Haidt’s video on Three Stories About Capitalism elicited discussion on how people develop their ethical belief systems and what we can do to help persuade others to accept our moral positions.



Ethics and the Environment
During the Fall Executive Breakfast, Jon Radtke, Water Resource Sustainability Director at Coca-Cola, spoke to business leaders about how companies can make a profit and be good environmental stewards at the same time. By the end of the program, Jon had over 90% of the executives committed to increasing their organization’s sustainability efforts in the year ahead.


october Annual Meeting

At our 2015 Annual Meeting, Gary Gates facilitated a thought-provoking conversation with Jon Haidt, NYU social psychologist and author of the book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. We had a stimulating discussion about how we have "moral taste receptors," and how our emotions are our elephants and our brains are our elephant riders (read the book for more information). Jon also helped us launch the newly formed Omaha Business Ethics City Lab in collaboration with his organization, Ethical Systems. We honored Bruce Grewcock, CEO of Kiewit, for his 2014-2015 leadership as our Trustee Chair and welcomed George Little, Chairman and CEO of HDR, as our Trustee Chair through 2017.


November Mind candy dialogue

The Case of ConAgra Foods
Our final Dialogue in 2015, shortly after the Annual Meeting, centered on the ethical obligations a business has to its community and the responsibility a community has to that business. Moderated by Susan Koenig, Of Counsel at Koenig | Dunne Divorce Law, and our panelists Hal Daub, partner at Husch Blackwell, Megan Hunt, co-founder of Hello Holiday, and Ralph Kellogg, Vice President at Centris Federal Credit Union, we discussed the importance of our Ethical Omaha Core Values including Community Responsibilty and Moral Courage and the Alliance’s Ethical Decision Making Model.