2018 Past Signature Programs


The Moral Stress of Moral Courage: A Discussion on Speaking Up About Sexual Harassment
Our first Executive Breakfast of 2018 featured Ariel Roblin, President and GM of KETV. Ariel shared with an audience of Omaha CEOs and other business leaders her experience of being sexually harassed early in her career. Ariel’s story lends a personal and local connection to the #MeToo movement that has swept our nation. She demonstrated commitment to integrity, community responsibility, and moral courage—both in her decision to report the harassment she experienced and in sharing as much as she could about her story so publicly. Omaha defines itself by these values, and the Alliance celebrates leaders like Ariel who defend them.


march ethics luncheon

"The Right Way:" Ethics and Compliance Best Practices with Raphael Richmond
Raphael Richmond, Global Director of Compliance at Ford Motor Company, joined us for our Spring Ethics Luncheon. She let us pick her brain about how a company like Ford, with over 200,000 employees worldwide, empowers individuals across the organization to “Go Further—The Right Way.” She told us about Ford's innovative ethics app, and how attendees can download and customize it for their organizations.


april mind candy dialogue

The Ethical and Business Imperatives of Retaining Diverse YP Talent in Omaha: Part Two, The Recommendations

The Spring Dialogue discussed the Chamber and Urban League recommendations for addressing our city's problem with retaining diverse YP talent. Panelists were Angela Cooper, Sarah Moylan, Carmen Tapio and Richard Webb. We heard from Omaha firms that are striving to create policies and cultures that are diverse and inclusive. There is no silver bullet - it's all about the organization's journey. Without a thriving young professional talent pool we won't have the employee base to attract future business. And the moral imperative is clear. We value freedom and equal opportunity. We are a community grounded in accountability and integrity. And we are ready to get to work.


ethics on trial group.jpg

april Ethics on trial

Environmental Ethics on Trial: The Good, "The Bag," and The Ugly

So often in this world, we’re presented with ethical dilemmas in either/or terms—the horns of the bull, as it were. We’re told that we can take the left horn or the right horn, but not both. But here’s the thing…there’s at least one other strategy: we can reject the constraints of an either/or choice and go between the horns. At our sixth annual Ethics on Trial event last week, that’s exactly what we did. We discussed the Hefty® EnergyBag™ program, which allows Omaha residents to collect non-recyclable plastics for energy recovery. Presenters offered perspectives on the benefits of the program as well as the dangers. But our audience members pushed us toward a third option, something beyond the either/or, pro/con model of thinking—something between the horns. 


June ethics luncheon

The Ethics of Consumer Buying with Dr. Neeru Paharia

At our Summer Ethics Luncheon, Dr. Neeru Paharia, Georgetown University, helped us understand the myriad of ways we process information and make decisions—and they aren’t always rational. Consumer decision-making is not the clearcut process we might guess that it is. What factors impact that decision-making process? How do ethics and values play into it? Dr. Paharia helped us understand this and much more!