2019 Past Signature Programs



Ethics of Corporate Governance
Our first Executive Breakfast of 2019 featured Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s chancellor since early 2014 and the University of Nebraska-Omaha's chancellor since 2017. As a seasoned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Gold is no stranger to the gravity of life and death decision-making; as a decorated leader and executive, he knows that boards of directors also make life and death decisions. That’s why he champions generative governance. (Read more about generative governance here.)


march ethics luncheon

The Ethics of Recruiting Employees
Our panelists, Keith Station, Cindy Powers, and Paul Fraynd focused on issues like poaching employees from competitors, non-compete agreements, and how to ethically find the best employees in this environment with such low unemployment. Audience members heard real-life stories of what is commonly referred to as “poaching”—when a competitor targets employees at your company in an attempt to hire them. One panelist described a scenario in which nearly half a dozen of his employees were cold recruited by the same competing company, costing his own small business valuable talent and resources.


april mind candy dialogue

Apologies in the Workplace - Making amends and Restoring trust

The Spring Dialogue focused on the ethics of apologies and forgiveness in the workplace for past mistakes or youthful indiscretions, understanding the key elements of an authentic and meaningful apology, and how to restore trust and make amends so you can get back to business. Our panelists were Van Deeb, CEO of Deeb Companies, Shonna Dorsey, Senior Business Systems Consultant at Mutual of Omaha and Patricia Kearns, President and CEO of QLI.