Additional Resources

Business Ethics Alliance provides Greater Omaha businesses with an edge to be more competitive. Our business ethics training resources enable your employees to become sharper and make better business decisions. Access our featured resources and strengthen your employees’ ethics muscle. Below are links to additional preferred resources.

Top Resources

Ethics Resource Center
The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics – Santa Clara University

Articles, Magazines and Newsletters

Corporate Responsibility Officer
Corporate Social Responsibility News
Ethikos and Corporate Conduct Quarterly
Institute for Business, Technology, and Ethics: Ethix

Academic Centers and Institutes

Center for Business Ethics – Bentley University
Center for Business Ethics – University of St. Thomas
Center for Ethical Business Cultures
Center for Ethics and Business – Loyola Marymount University
Center for Integrity in Business – Seattle Pacific University                                                                                                                       E-center for Business Ethics – Colorado State University                                                                                                                    Ethical Systems                                                                                                                                                                                       The Institute for Business and Professional Ethics – DePaul University                                                                                                Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide – Notre Dame University                                                                                                        Mills Center for Socially Responsible Business
The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics – The University of British Columbia
Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research – Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania

Professional Centers, Associations and Institutes

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
Better Business Bureau Center for Character Ethics
Business for Social Responsibility
Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy
Caux Round Table
Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable
Institute of Business Ethics
Institute for Global Ethics
International Association for Business & Society
International Business Ethics Institute
Omaha Leadership for Life
Open Compliance and Ethics Group
Society for Business Ethics
The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

Code of Ethics Examples

Berkshire Hathaway
Mutual of Omaha
Union Pacific