community responsibility

The president of a 200-person company in a mid-size city is an outspoken advocate for gay rights. During a recent company “town hall” meeting, he announced that the company will publicly support an initiative before the state legislature to legalize “same sex” marriage. He also wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper voicing his support and that of his company. A number of employees have expressed concern about their company being aligned with the initiative; and there are strong feelings, both for and against legalizing same sex marriage, by the employees. A recent initiative by the city council to pass an ordinance against discrimination of gays was voted down 10-1; and the general consensus in the community appears to be against the “same sex” law before the legislature.

Discuss the actions of the company president, and the balance between his rights and the impact it may have on the local community and some of his employees who do not support his public position.