Board Bamboozle

Read the scenario and think about your answers to the questions.  Please share and discuss with your team and coworkers.

You serve as board chair for a local non-profit. It comes to your attention that one of your board members who owns their own business has been using her seat on the board to gain more business and money for her company.

However, this company also happens to do a lot of good stuff for the non-profit; they sponsor programs throughout the year and their employees volunteer at almost every event. Sometimes the board member in question uses her influence to solicit business from other members on the board.

This has come to your attention because another board member has reported that it makes them uncomfortable. They wonder about board responsibility and whether this behavior is acceptable.

Questions to think about, write about, or discuss with your team:

  • Is this an ethical dilemma? Why or why not?
  • If it is a dilemma, use the Decision Making Model to justify the action you should take as board chair.