Elevate Ethics Workshops

The Elevate Ethics Workshop is a 90-minute, interactive session. With 25 employees in each session, participants will walk away with practical, positive tools that they can immediately implement in their professional lives. Elevate Ethics Academy can be facilitated by Alliance staff or be delivered through our train-the-trainer model.

Each workshop is comprised of an interactive presentation complete with a participant workbook and follow up materials to support continued learning. After each session, post-surveys are administered to measure knowledge and skills retention and application, anticipated behavioral changes, and usefulness of training.

You can purchase 4 workshops for $5000, or individually for $1,600 each.

Ethical Leadership

Learning how to influence others with ethics.

  • Analyze the concept of Ethical Leadership

  • Discover your Ethical Leadership strengths and challenges using a self-assessment tool

  • Determine the traits of an ethical person

  • Build Ethical Leadership influence skills through practice and activities

Ethical Decision Making

Empowering the best ethical decision when faced with an ethical dilemma.

  • Determine the difference between ethical dilemmas or ethical commitment issues

  • Formulate better ethical decisions by using a decision making model

  • Implement the decision making model by using real life ethics scenarios

Busting Blindspots

Why good people sometimes fail to do the right thing.

  • Discover why good people sometimes make bad choices

  • Examine and analyze psychological BlindSpots through examples

  • Assess and identify BlindSpots in real life ethics scenarios

  • Develop ways to overcome BlindSpots

Ethical First Advisors

Build confidence when addressing employee concerns about misconduct.

  • Differentiate an informal ethical culture from a formal ethical culture

  • Evaluate why employees don't speak out about ethics

  • Explore skills needed to be a trusted, engaged, and helpful advisor

  • Build Ethics First Advisor skills through practice

Generational Ethics at Work

Managing value differences between the generations.

  • Construct a new understanding of generations as a concept

  • Examine and analyze generational stereotypes in the workplace

  • Discover ethical values similarities between generations

  • Identify organizational tools for easing "generational" ethics conflicts and misunderstandings

Moral Imagination

Encouraging innovative solutions when faced with an ethical dilemma.

  • Examine components of moral imagination and how it relates to ethical decision making

  • Consider what conditions encourage or inhibit moral imagination

  • Maximize moral imagination through practice and activities

The Birth of a BlindSpot

Understand how policies encourage or discourage ethical behavior.

  • Examine and analyze five psychological BlindSpots through examples

  • Assess and identify BlindSpots in real life ethics scenarios

  • Discern how organizational systems enable BlindSpots

  • Develop ways to overcome BlindSpots

Ethical First Responders

Build confidence when speaking up during impromptu conversations.

  • Differentiate between types of ethical cultures

  • Explore skills needed to respond during these “in the moment” interactions

  • Build Ethics First Responder skills through practice

Ethical Lens Inventory

Identify your moral compass and how to effectively use it with your team.

  • Understand the four moral lenses

  • Analyze your moral lens self assessment

  • Strategize ways to work with others who have different moral lenses than you

Share experiences and thoughts with your colleagues through short dynamic conversations.

  • Engage in meaningful discussions about business ethics

  • Discover new strategies to handle ethical situations in the workplace

  • Build confidence in discussing ethics at work

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The Business Ethics Alliance’s vision is that Greater Omaha will be a beacon for business ethics excellence for cities around the world. In order to achieve this vision, it is our strong belief that all people should be treated with respect and dignity.

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