who are we?

The Business Ethics Alliance® Emerging Leaders strive to do something no Young Professional group in Greater Omaha has done before. We aspire to train the next generations in the importance of ethics from the moment they enter their professional careers. We aim to bridge the gap between executives and young professionals. We seek to foster relationships between mentors and mentees to further our training and knowledge.

We intend to create a community centered around ethics; a community where an emerging leader enters a top position thoroughly trained and disciplined in ethics; a community of ethical emerging leaders who will fill the future roles of the Business Ethics Alliance® Trustees–to carry on and grow the tradition of ethical education; a community that attracts businesses, people, and profits due to our ethical focus; a community that is seen from the outside as an example, a leader, and a model for cities to follow; a community that changes the future of communities; a community that evolves to harmonize the laws of ethics; a community where ethical knowledge is spread amongst all.

We intend to create a community focused on the greatness of all.

Want to join us?

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