Ethical Omaha Values

We believe the degree to which your organization engages in ethics education equals the degree of success you’ll achieve. The Business Ethics Alliance® identified the behaviors and practices responsible for the significant business success in Omaha: Greater Omaha’s core business values. Know and incorporate our values into your business decisions, so Greater Omaha remains one of the most ethical cities in the nation.


Accountability means holding oneself and others answerable; setting clear expectations and using policies and systems to communicate responsible actions, to provide feedback, and to implement corrective action when appropriate.



Community Responsibility means a sense of responsibility to the whole community and not just oneself, one’s family, or one’s organization; a culture of reciprocity between business and the community where commitment of time, talent and treasure shapes the long-term vibrancy of the community and business.



Financial vitality means achieving sustainable financial success driven by ethical management and systems.



Integrity means being genuinely respectful, honest, fair, and trustworthy in all and to all; doing the ethical thing even when no one is looking; walking your talk



Moral courage means consistent ethical behavior even when difficult, unpopular, or comes at a cost.