Ethics Products

In addition to our workshops and consulting services, The Business Ethics Alliance® offers a menu of ethics products suitable to all employees at any size workplace, in any industry. For new employees to seasoned veterans, C-suite to front-line, team members are sure to keep ethics top-of-mind with the engaging tools. 

Ethics Starter Pack.jpg

Ethics Starter Pack

A great way to infuse ethics into your workplace. This starter kit includes 12 Ethics Communications, 5 copies of the Ethinary, 5 sets of Ethics Conversation Cards, 5 sets of Ethics Compliment Cards, and a complimentary Digital Ethinary.


conversation cards image.png

conversation cards

An interactive activity designed to encourage mentorship and foster ethical awareness and communication in your workplace. Each set contains 5 cards.


Ethinary Image.jpg


This popular picture dictionary outlines 50 ethical words defined in commonsensical terms.

Buy a pack of 10 or the digital version, or both and use throughout your workplace.


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compliment cards

A “good job” will only get you so far; moral compliments are the best and easiest way to encourage ethics within your organization. One set contains 10 cards.



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Ethical lens inventory™

The ELI is an assessment of individuals’ ethical lenses to promote effective communication for diverse teams.

Understanding the results can minimize unnecessary conflict and help teams make better ethical decisions.

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Ethics Communications

These infographics highlight current ethics research, particle ethics tools, and highlight ways organizations can cost ethical cultures.

Buy a year’s worth, printed and ready for use in the workplace.