Moral Words With Definitions

Pick a moral word from the Ethinary (listed below) and use it 5 times within the next 3 days to compliment your team and coworkers. Once you’ve completed the activity, compliment yourself for being an honorable leader!

Accountable: Where the buck stops.

Caring: An attitude or even a visceral response to the wellbeing and welfare of others - showing them that they matter.

Considerate: Looking out for the other person

Fair: Equitable. Sometimes equal.

Generous: Giving extra.

Honest: Tell the truth. Don't lie.

Honorable: Dedicated to being better - to being straight and true.

Integrity: Walking your talk

Loyal: Stand by your _____

Noble: High-minded. Striving for excellence.

Patient: It's a matter of pace - the ability to adjust to others.

Respectful: Recognizing value - in yourself, in others, in the world.

Responsible: What you're in charge of.