The Bruce Hamm Trailblazer Award is bestowed annually to an individual who personifies the true spirit of the Business Ethics Alliance through his or her trailblazing actions and/or philanthropy. This individual’s contributions are held to the highest standards of Bruce Hamm’s legacy for giving tirelessly of his time, treasure and conviction to blaze new trails in business ethics. The Trailblazer Award represents the significant impact this individual has made toward advancing the Business Ethics Alliance vision and mission.


Bruce Hamm

Bruce Hamm


Armel Macdonald
december 2018

Armel MacDonald has been an active part of the Alliance for over 8 years. He has been integral to the success of Ethics on Trial and engaging other members at the Scottish Rite. As an advocate and ambassador for the Alliance everywhere he goes, Armel’s impact has been far and wide.


willy theisen
december 2017

An involved Trustee, Willy has been an avid supporter of the Business Ethics Alliance – always sharing his time, story, and commitment to ethics whenever he does speaking engagements. He has worked with the Alliance to promote an environment where the discussion and practice of business ethics is encouraged and expected. 


Susan koenig
december 2016 

Susan has been a Trustee of the Alliance for years, and has always been willing to serve as a panelist or moderator at our community programs. Susan’s passion for ethics and doing the right thing is contagious and inspiring.


butch ethington
december 2015

Butch has been a volunteer with the Alliance since the very beginning. He helped conceptualize the entire organization, served as a governing board member for 10 years, and led the programs committee during that time as well. Butch’s business ethics knowledge and insights have been invaluable to the organization. 

Sarah Waldman picture 2007.jpg

Sarah Waldman
december 2014  

Sarah has volunteered on the Alliance’s curriculum committee and governing board since our founding. Sarah led the creation of our organizational ethics workshops and ethics workbooks and has provided strategic direction and her passion for ethics to the Alliance.

Tom McClung.jpg

december 2013

Tom has volunteered on the Alliance’s outreach committee and speakers’ bureau. He also helped the Alliance develop a three-year strategic plan to ensure the Alliance serves our community in the best way possible, always striving to be a beacon of business ethics excellence.

Gerry Phelan.jpg

Gerry phelan
december 2012

Gerry led the Alliance’s outreach committee and speakers’ bureau to new heights, making sure businesspeople in Omaha learned about the Alliance and its offerings. Gerry has also served on the governing board and as an ambassador.

Diana Fuller.jpg

DIana fuller
summer 2012

Diana has volunteered on the Alliance’s programs committee and curriculum committee. She has helped the Alliance maintain a high level of speakers at programs, as well as develop ethics workbooks and curriculum for our community. Diana also presented at the Nebraska State Bar Association on behalf of the Business Ethics Alliance.


jim dale
spring 2012

Jim has been an incredibly dedicated and valued volunteer, programs committee member and speaker since 2008. Jim has donated his time and talent to ensure the Alliance is always well-represented in the community.

Scott Darling.jpg

Scott Darling
December 2011

Scott worked tirelessly on the Alliance’s governing board, outreach committee, speakers’ bureau and Youth Ethics Initiative. Scott planned the first full day Youth Ethicscon event to bring educators and nonprofits together to discuss teaching ethics to Omaha’s youth.