ETHICs communications

Trustees and community members regularly ask for more information about business ethics. In order to meet this demand, we send regularly scheduled emails that highlight current ethics trends, practical ethics tools, and examples of ethics initiatives undertaken by local organizations. 

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decision making model

An ethical perspective demands that we think far (about the serious long-term harm or help we can do to other people), wide (about rights, duties and fairness for all) and high (about our values and virtues).  This decision making model was created by Dr. Kracher in 2009 and is used in nearly everything we do at The Alliance. 

ethical scenarios and dilemmas

Ethical and moral dilemmas occur every single day at work. Many of them could be handled better. By providing tools and guides such as practice scenarios, Business Ethics Alliance resources help you more successfully maneuver through those dilemmas. Sharpen your ethics skills, elevate your business acumen, and become a stronger leader. 



Organizational ethics surveys

The Greater Omaha Organizational Ethics Survey is to understand the way that Omaha organizations manage ethics. It is not a measure of whether or not Omaha organizations are ethical, rather to serve as the benchmark on organizational ethics in Greater Omaha and as a template for other business communities to follow.  

Ethical Omaha Values

We believe the degree to which your organization engages in ethics education equals the degree of success you’ll achieve. The Business Ethics Alliance identified the behaviors and practices responsible for the significant business success in Omaha: Greater Omaha’s core business values. Know and incorporate our values into your business decisions, so Greater Omaha remains one of the most ethical cities in the nation.



aiming higher interviews

Creighton University Heider College of Business graduate students in Dr. Beverly Kracher’s business, ethics, and society class are assigned Aiming Higher interviews. The assignment is to interview a Greater Omaha Better Business Bureau Integrity Award winner or a recipient of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Fame Award. The task is to query the individual about their personal values,  how they are translated into their business operations, and to what effect. The Business Ethics Alliance is out to prove that the degree to which your organization engages in ethics is equal to the degree of your business success. These interviews illustrate just that.

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additional resources

Business Ethics Alliance provides Greater Omaha businesses with an edge to be more competitive. Our business ethics training resources enable your employees to become sharper and make better business decisions. Access our featured resources and strengthen your employees’ ethics muscle. 


Personal Mission Statement

Businesses and other organizations likely have mission statements and core values, and individuals who take the time to develop theirs will find that they will serve as a guideline for making ethical and authentic decisions. This free program will get you started on a journey to discovering what really drives you and how you can better achieve your personal goals.