Don't Let a Tough Spot Turn into a BlindSpot

Recruiting top-notch talent to fill that open position will be more difficult in 2019 according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In a job market with more available positions than applicants, SHRM recommends getting creative in how you locate and evaluate potential candidates:

  • Market your organizational culture. Don’t just post job descriptions and application instructions. Take advantage of every opportunity to show applicants why they should want to work at your company.

  • Know your reputation as an employer. Just like online consumer reviews, anonymous employee reviews on websites like Glassdoor contribute to applicants’ perception even before the interview.

  • Get creative with lines of communication. Try something like texting for setting up appointments or other quick communications with potential candidates.

  • Be flexible about requirements. Consider that an applicant who doesn’t meet your exact specifications might be an even better candidate than you had hoped for.

But make it ethical!

How do you ensure that your creativity doesn’t cross ethical lines? For instance, is it okay to exaggerate your company’s ethical culture in order to attract the best candidates? How do you ethically engage with employee reviews in online forums? When does “flexibility” in candidate selection slip into unconscious bias? Which ethical BlindSpots might you encounter when recruiting new talent?

Learn more at our March 12th Spring Ethics Luncheon, where our panelists will discuss the ethics of recruitment and hiring.