New Beacon of Ethics Award Honorees

The Beacon of Ethics Award® honors individuals who have exhibited a life-long dedication to integrity and civic responsibility while leading and working with others toward ethical excellence. Next week, the Alliance will bestow the award upon two highly respected ethical leaders.


Tom Osborne—former Nebraska congressman, legendary coach, and TeamMates co-founder—has spent a lifetime and a career making decisions that required moral courage. Time and again, he demonstrated how to live and lead by ethical values, no matter the situation. Thanks to his vision, the TeamMates mentoring program serves more than 9,400 young people. He accepts the award on behalf of the entire TeamMates organization, which transforms young lives and elevates communities by recognizing that, with a teammate by your side, anything is possible. The award will be presented at the TeamMates Tailgate Gala on Sunday, October 28.


Colin Powell—retired Army General, diplomat for four different U.S. presidents, and former Secretary of State—has devoted his life to public service. Like the Alliance, he believes that great leaders are made, not born, and that positive, practical leadership is the way to make lasting change.

Powell will headline Creighton University’s next installment of their Presidential Lecture Series—An Evening with Former Secretaries of State—alongside Dr. Madeleine Albright, a previous Beacon of Ethics Award® honoree.