Toxic Top Performer

You run a small basement repair company with 12 employees, three of whom are in sales. Bob, one of your sales people, is a very high performer but an antagonist at work. Though the current economy has created major problems for other companies, it is because of Bob’s work ethic and relationship with the clients that you are financially sound. Nevertheless, you have noticed over the past year that Bob really does not get along with the other employees. They seem to try to ignore him or even leave the room when he enters. You have witnessed his arrogance and abrasive nature with them – and you have counseled him a couple of times about the “toxic” environment he seems to create. To date you have disregarded Bob’s relationships with other employees because obviously he knows how to turn on the charm with (potential) clients and you feel like you need him in order to keep the business financially sound. All of your employees confide in you that they do not look forward to coming to work every day because of Bob and you acknowledge that they seem less engaged than at any time prior to Bob’s arrival at your company.

How do you handle this situation?